What are the benefits of attending an Immerse summer programme?

Our programmes are designed to facilitate engaged and motivated students to explore their subject in greater depth, providing them with insight into what it is like to study advanced content within their subject area.

Attending a summer programme provides you with an opportunity to demonstrate critical skills such as public speaking, debate, and critical thinking. In addition, it provides you with an excellent opportunity to discover your specific interests within a field, which can be helpful when trying to articulate why you wish to study a subject in the future.
Our summer team are very well equipped to support you during your time with Immerse, and beyond. Our tutors are experts in their fields, current members of leading universities (predominantly Cambridge), and have experience tutoring undergraduate students. During the programme, you will have the opportunity for one-to-one discussion with your, tutor, which is an excellent opportunity to discuss academic content in depth.
Additionally, you will be assigned to a mentor and become part of a ‘mentor family’. Your mentor is a current Oxbridge undergraduate and will be on hand to help you settle into your accommodation in the colleges at Cambridge/Oxford University. They will be more than happy to help with any questions you may have about the university, and again, you will be able to schedule one-to-one consultations with them. We’re incredibly proud of our pastoral support, and it’s a highlight of our students’ experience that sets us apart from other summer courses.
All participants receive a certificate of participation upon completing their Immerse programme, which is awarded at the graduation ceremony on the final day. After the programme, Participant Feedback is written by the tutor, evaluating participant progress and making recommendations on how to most effectively advance participants’ understanding and interest in the topics that have been explored.